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Center of Pobierowo it’s Grunwaldzka Street. When you find yourself on it, you will feel the atmosphere of a seaside town. Everywhere are souvenir shops, cafes with ice cream desserts and coffee, restaurants, fish fryers. You will come across people who paint caricatures or paintings or a musician who plays the accordion with tourists. This place is vibrant with life, there is an amazing buzz and crowd. This main street stretches along the beach for 4 kilometers and leads up to the next seaside town Pustkowo. Walking along it, look out for Hotel Seeblick. It is a beautiful, stately building erected in 1907. It was his uprising that changed the face of Pobierowo, which from a rural settlement began to evolve into a seaside resort. Today, the building is owned by the University of Szczecin. There is also a Magic House next to this street, where everything is on its head. The senses go crazy and you start to waver. At the end of Grunwaldzka Street, in the undergrowth, there is an abandoned wooden house between the trees, which has fallen into ruin a long time ago, and somebody has left ugly streaks painted with spray on it. It is said that this was the home of Ewa Braun - mistress and wife of Adolf Hitler. This place is shrouded in mystery that can be felt in the humming of trees. In Pobierowo and its surroundings there is a network of bicycle paths that lead through the picturesque surroundings, there is also a rope park, as well as a sports complex, which includes: a football, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as tennis courts and a skatepark.


Pustkowo is a small town, located 2 kilometers east of Pobierowo. It is extremely climatic and peaceful here. This is a place created for people who are looking for a retreat during their holidays. This does not mean that nothing is happening here. Every year in July, the amateur tennis tournament Pustkowo Cup takes place here, which each year attracts more and more tourists and permanently inscribed in the calendar of events of the Rewal commune. Pustkowo is also associated with the Baltic Cross of Hope, which is a faithfully devoted replica of the cross from Giewont.

(Giewont - a mountain massif in the Western Tatras, 1894 m above sea level and 2.7 km long-Poland)

It was unveiled in 2007, and the impulse to his attitude became the words of John Paul II, who in 1987 said during a visit to Szczecin: "... as the wind blows from the Baltic to the tops - to the cross on Giewont ...". These words became the motto of the Catholic Association of Polish Railwaymen, who decided that a replica of the cross from Giewont would stand here. From here, numerous pilgrimages set off to the winter capital of Poland. In winter, a Christmas crib is set under the construction. The cross is located 100 meters from the sea, and in its surroundings there is a beautiful well-maintained Park Friends of Pustkowo. The cobblestones are arranged on the image of the solar system, which gives an amazing effect after dark when the whole is illuminated. There are many benches around and everything is blooming in green. A perfect place for family walks.


Trzęsacz is a small town located on the seafront, which became famous due to the history of the Gothic church, which was built at the turn of the fourteenth / fifteenth century. Then the impressive temple was located about 2 km from the sea. However, with time, the sea waves washed up thecliff of the sea shoreline, until in 1900 the temple began to slide down a steep cliff. Today you can admire the ruins of a Gothic church and this is the only such attraction in Europe. Just above the beach, the ruins are located at 20 m above sea level an observation platform from which you can admire the sea, a distant horizon, and paragliders soaring in the air. It so happens that in Trzęsacz, you can treat yourself with a paraglider flight together with an instructor. Flying in the air a few dozen meters above the ground, you can admire from the bird's eye views that are breathtaking. Tourists who want to learn about the history of the church in Trzęsacz and the meaning of the 15th meridian must necessarily look into the unique multimedia museum, which has a modern exhibition, using presentations, sound and the play of lights. And all this in order to convey knowledge about history in an interesting way. In this town there is also miniature golf and a quad track. This is an offer for active families who love to spend time in a sporty way.


Formerly this place was a small fishing village, but over time it became a well-known resort, visited by many tourists every year. There is a harbor fishing used by local fishermen. Each morning they sail their fishing boats for fishing. You can buy freshly caught fish from them, and also go fishing with them to the sea, and for those interested are also tourist fishing. Near the marina there is a Rybak statue, which refers to the fishing traditions of Rewal. It is also a place where the inhabitants pay tribute to those who have not returned from the sea. A viewing platform is another place where you should go when you are in Rewal. You can admire sunrise and sunset from here. Not far from this place there are two huge skeletons whale that were made of steel. An interesting attraction, where tourists are happy to photograph. With the youngest, it is worth visiting the whale park, where replicas of creatures from the depths of the ocean await you. Do not forget to enter the aquarium where you can get to know many species of fish and sea creatures. A Magical House is another place in Rewal, where you should go with children. Here you can meet John and Margaret, as well as a witch! Along the cliff stretches the Avenue of Roses and Lovers, where almost 150 species of roses grow. There are also sculptures of Romeo and Juliet, as well as the Little Prince and Rose. A beautiful place where there is something to do!


An undoubted attraction of Niechorze is the lighthouse, which was established in 1866. The building is 45 meters high. At an altitude of 37 meters, there is an observation deck from which you can admire the Rewal Coast. The lighthouse is surrounded by a garden with evenly trimmed hedges. A butterfly shop is located at the lighthouse. You can not only admire the beautiful specimens from different corners of the world, but also find out how the life of butterflies looks like. In Niechorze there is a monument of the seal of Depka. Seal Depka was born on 16/02/2014 at the Hel Seal Center, when she was released into the sea, she returned to the Polish coast and often lounged on the beach in Niechorze. She was one wild living seal in this part of the Baltic, hence the idea to put her a monument. In Niechorze there is the Museum of Sea Fisheries, where you can see old photographs and documents, fishing gear, boats and other interesting exhibits. You can get to know the historical curiosities of Rewal and the surrounding area, and in the special Navigator's Room see the octant picked out of the sea. Between Pogorzelica and Niechorze lies the Liwia Łuża lake, and the whole area around the lake is protected by the nature reserve of the lake Liwia Łuża. These beautiful areas can be admired, traversed by a bicycle trail that leads through this picturesque place.


Pogorzelica is a small town that is teeming with life during the summer season. What do the summer-lovers love her for? Pogorzelica and its surroundings are overgrown with pine crowberry forest, a unique type of forest, which is typical for sandy substrates. Bores are characterized by loosely arranged tree stand and twisted trunks and crowns. These forests together with the nearby Baltic Sea create a healthy microclimate. It's a great place for summer walks, but not only. In autumn you can also go here for mushroom picking. It is worth going on a cycling trip along the route that leads along the shores of Lake Liwia Łuża, where now there is a waterfowl and marsh bird sanctuary. In this small town there are also attractions created for tourists, but there are not many of them. These include, for example, a rope park, which is great entertainment for those seeking adrenaline. Pogorzelica is a perfect place for someone who loves to be surrounded by nature. Surroundings of the pine forest, lake and sea create a wonderful scenery, among which you can relax and gain new energy to live.

Coastal narrow-gauge railway

The symbol of the Rewal Commune is undoubtedly the Coastal Narrow-gauge Railway. For the first time she set off from Gryfice to Niechorze on July 1, 1896. These were times when there was no proper road infrastructure, and road transport was not yet widespread. The access railways were the only means of transport that allowed for quick access to coastal holiday resorts. Unfortunately, in the 1980s, transport by seaside narrow-gauge became less and less profitable, until it was completely supplanted by road transport. Keeping the queue was so unprofitable that PKP decided to sell it. Fortunately, this did not happen. In 2002, the narrow gauge was transferred free of charge to the property of the Rewal commune. The railway was then in a deplorable condition, only after Poland's accession to the European Union there was a chance of development for the renaissance railway. In cooperation with the West Pomeranian Marshal's Office, it managed to obtain PLN 50 million for the revitalization of Narrow Gauge Railway. All foundations and rails on the 10 km section have been replaced. The rolling stock has been renewed: 2 locomotives have undergone a general overhaul, the old wagons have been restored. The interior has been equipped with heating and modern toilets.

Today, there are two routes available to passengers: From Gryfice to Pogorzelica comprising 15 stations, runs through Gryfice, Popiele, Rybokarty, Niedźwiedziska, Modlimowo, Paprotno, Karnice, Dreżewo, Trzęsacz, Rewal, Śliwin, Niechorze Lighthouse, Niechorze Main, Pogorzelica Sandra , Pogorzelica. The second route includes 7 stations and passes through: Trzęsacz, Rewal, Śliwin, Niechorze Lighthouse, Niechorze Main, Pogorzelica Sandra, Pogorzelica.


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