About Us

Kaprys is a state-of-the-art facility offering overnight accommodation in comfortable 2, 3, 4-person bedrooms and two-level apartments. It is situated in a peaceful part of Pobierowo, beautifully surrounded by a mixed pine and fir forest, less than 200 metres from the seashore and 150 metres from the town centre. The proximity of the sea, healthy maritime micro-climate, the forest surroundings, as well as the pleasant atmosphere - they all guarantee our Guests tranquillity and successful recreation.


Pobierowo is a popular summer location in the Commune of  Rewal.  It is the westernmost locality of the Rewal Coast. Its undisputed asset is the broad and clean sandy beach, encouraging for strolling  and sunbathing. Numerous beer garden, bars, restaurants, shops and street souvenir stalls, and also attractions for children, e.g. playgrounds and inflatable slides attract to Pobierowo thousands of young people and families with children who value an active life style and holiday adventures.